tisdag, oktober 16, 2012

EVIL DEAD remake trailer leaked

Evil Dead is now one of the best-selling independent horror films ever being reprinted in new blurays dvds etc it is not a obscure independent film anymore.  It is a big mainstream franchise film "like a star wars for horror films" and of course being remade like every other film nowadays. A remake might not always be a bad thing though if it is a good remake and they improve on the film by making something more realistic or something might not stand the test of time. And a good story is always worth being retold. "Although as any Evil Dead fan knows Sam Raimi had the ambition to make Evil Dead timeless, especially when talking about Ash shoes" 

And now a trailer has leaked.

2 good things about the trailer though, it is gory and they say: fuck! But that does not make a good film, right now it looks like the texas chainsaw massacre commercial musicvideo style horror. Just alot of splatter, fast paced editing and gore no mood. Some bearded actor reading the necronomicon, supposed to be replacement for Ash? 

Here is a link to the trailer:

 I love Evil Dead my favorite film as a kid. The original is great but the make up was always a bit corny, in Hi-def Cheryl looks like she got Kindereggs for eyeballs. The effects look good in the trailer and the script better be awesome. What i love about the original also, that homemade feeling the gritty sense of doom. The original obviously inspired by texas chainsaw massacre, the remake of evil dead hopefully not inspired by the texas chainsaw remake. The original will always be one of the greatest films and never be forgotten, this new version might just gain more new fans to the series.  

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